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Customizing FOG iPXE Settings

Custom Background

You can add a custom picture background.

Place the file in the following directory: /var/www/fog/service/ipxe

And use a resolution of 800x600.

Prelude for adding IPXE boot entries

If you have a lot of files for customboot entries i highly reccomend you
put those files on a different webserver. This because CPU usage will be
very high due to PHP FPM.

Adding a WindowsPE based image

First of all you need to need WIMBOOT. This is a tool that allows you to
boot WindowsPE over IPXE and load the files into ram. You can download
it here:

place those files on a webserver in a standalone folder.

After that you can add you unpacked iso the the webserver.

Now you need to create a customboot entry.

#adding webserver as variable
set URL http://yourwebserver/
#importing wimboot
kernel ${URL}wimboot/wimboot
#importing your startup proccess executable
initrd ${URL}ISOfolder/Boot/BCD BCD
#importing boot.sdi
initrd ${URL}ISOfolder/Boot/boot.sdi boot.sdi
#importing boot.wim
initrd ${URL}ISOfolder/Boot/boot.wim boot.wim
#tell IPXE to boot files loaded in ram

Last update: 2023-07-23