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Fog installer command line options

The FOG installer has quite a few command line options. See the output
below. You might want force FOG to setup the web interface via HTTPS,
change the default PXE boot file or web root directory.

./ --help
Usage: ./ [-h?dEUuHSCKYXTFA] [-f <filename>] [-N <databasename>]
        [-D </directory/to/document/root/>] [-c <ssl-path>]
        [-W <webroot/to/fog/after/docroot/>] [-B </backup/path/>]
        [-s <>] [-e <>] [-b <undionly.kpxe>]
    -h -? --help            Display this info
    -o    --oldcopy         Copy back old data
    -d    --no-defaults     Don't guess defaults
    -U    --no-upgrade      Don't attempt to upgrade
    -H    --no-htmldoc      No htmldoc, means no PDFs
    -S    --force-https     Force HTTPS for all comunication
    -C    --recreate-CA     Recreate the CA Keys
    -K    --recreate-keys   Recreate the SSL Keys
    -Y -y --autoaccept      Auto accept defaults and install
    -f    --file            Use different update file
    -c    --ssl-path        Specify the ssl path
                            defaults to /opt/fog/snapins/ssl
    -D    --docroot         Specify the Apache Docroot for fog
                            defaults to OS DocumentRoot
    -W    --webroot         Specify the web root url want fog to use
                            Defaults to /fog/
    -B    --backuppath      Specify the backup path
          --uninstall       Uninstall FOG
    -s    --startrange      DHCP Start range
    -e    --endrange        DHCP End range
    -b    --bootfile        DHCP Boot file
    -E    --no-exportbuild  Skip building nfs file
    -X    --exitFail        Do not exit if item fails
    -T    --no-tftpbuild    Do not rebuild the tftpd config file
    -F    --no-vhost        Do not overwrite vhost file
    -A    --arm-support     Install kernel and initrd for ARM platforms

Last update: 2023-07-23