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Welcome to the Fog Project documentation!


This documentation is under construction
We are slowly moving from to here
Once all existing docs are moved over we'll start updating the docs


While we are migrating content there will be occasional changes to links and paths
However, this documentation is versioned, so while the 'latest' version will have changes for the next bit. You can use for linking to things that won't change.
Once all documentation from the wiki has been migrated into a sensible folder structure, these paths will no longer change

Fog Documentation Sections

Below you'll find basic descriptions of each section


Getting Started

An introduction to what fog is and some common first questions
- What is FOG?
- System Requirements


Installation, Updating, and Migrating

Documentation on the installation, updating, and migrating of a Fog Server
- Network Setup
- Install Fog Server
- Install Fog Client
- Running in a Virtual Environment



Documentation on the use and management of fog. A general glossay/guide for the ui and command line operations avaiable once you've installed the server
These sections explain what can be done in each of the fog ui menus
- Web UI Management


Knowledge Base

Documentation on important references, integrations, customizations, FAQs, and troubleshooting
- Customization
- FAQs
- Integrations
- How To Guides
- Reference
- Troubleshooting



Resources and documentation related to contributing to the development of FOG
- Development


Release Notes

This is a link to the fog project release notes for abbreviated information on what's improved in the stable revisions of Fog
- Github Release Notes


Fog Forums

Search for solutions to your problems or ask the community for help
- Fog Forums


Fog On GitHUB

Browse the opensource code for FOGProject
- Fog Project Github repos


Fog Home Page

The homepage of the FOG Project
- Fog Home Page

Last update: 2023-05-13