Welcome to the Fog Project documentation!

Fog Project is really cool
This documentation is under construction
We are slowly moving from wiki.fogproject.org to here
Once all existing docs are moved over we’ll start updating the docs


  • An introduction to what fog is


  • Documentation on the installation of fogserver

Getting Started

  • Get started with common tasks/how-tos and concepts of using fog

  • Includes things like how to capture and deploy images


  • Documentation related to using the management tools available in the fog web UI

  • These sections explain what can be done in each of the fog ui menus and some of the basic how-tos


  • Docs related to customizing various parts of fog

Supported Hardware

  • Docs relating to what hardware is known to work


  • Documentation related to fog plugins and other Integrations

  • This includes articles on how to do common setup for some services fog can utilize from other windows or linux servers (or can be added to the same server)


  • Docs related to Troubleshooting common issues


  • Other reference material related to fog

  • Includes things such as command line args or settings file definitions

  • Also contains docs that don’t fit anywhere else


  • Guide to update and release a new version of FOG

  • API


  • Common questions with detailed answers

Fog Forums

  • Search for solutions to your problems or ask the community for help

Fog Project Github repos

  • Browse the opensource code for FOGProject

Fog Home Page

  • The homepage of the FOG Project